About Us

Since March 2006, Streamline Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has worked effectively and diligently at establishing itself as the manufacturers and traders of natural and ayurvedic medicines.Being the trusted manufactuers and tradders of ayurvedic medicines and food supplements, our main motive is to supply the products that maximizes the benefits and reduces the risks. Our range of product includes Dr Uri(maintains uric acid levels), iHeart(maintains cholestrol levels), Cartfit (Relives knee cartelage demage pain), Tulsi Drops, Stream-X-Detox(Herbal Detoxifier For Liver and other Vital Organs), Stream CP3 (Curcumin 95% with Piperine)and Streamline Mukti.

Streamline Shilajit

RS. 350.00/-

Streamline Liquid Curcumin Along
With Cardamom Oil

RS. 399.00/-